miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2005

New Orleans in my mind

One is not a very enthusiast friend of nostalgia but jazz music from Dixie lands comes to my head. I am still hearing the unexpected Ragtime on any corner of New Orleans, the sound of clarinet that meddles in the base melody of trombonists, trumpets and saxos. Katrina sounds loudly but it does not sound well, she should never have crossed the Mississippi.

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Inflated Opinion dijo...

Katrina was more powerful than a jazz band. Do you think it is possible that Katrina has destroyed The Most Powerful Nation? Is it possible for the USA to financially afford the loss of New Orleans and don't forgot all the damage to the southern states and continue to finanace the war in Iraq. Will the USA remain strong?

I think we should all learn Japanese because I do believe Japan is our next super power.